SEO Packages

Effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO, helps to increase traffic to your site by working to improve your company or invention’s visibility in search engines, from non-paid search listings. At Idea Design Studio, we believe that a well-calculated SEO strategy needs on-site optimization, thorough planning and execution of content, as well as the development of authority within a given market, in a manner that is also looking towards the latest best business practices and guidelines.

At Idea Design Studio, we offer an assortment of SEO packages, good for one calendar year. Our inventors can choose from the Platinum, Gold, or Silver packages. Each package is strategically designed to optimize your idea or invention, and best fit your needs within an appropriate budget. All SEO packages at Idea Design Studio include 1 press release, 1 Spanish press release, and all updates to the website to protect security, enhance the settings, and keep to date with all pertinent optimization tasks. Additional services with Search Engine Optimization add-ons are also available.