Prototyping involves taking action and bringing your concept or idea to life. At Idea Design Studio, we want to help you create an example of your product to test its viability in the market, so that it be used as a model for what will come in the future.

Your first prototype does not have to be professionally produced, it just needs to be functional and be primary representation of your intended idea. The first prototype is never the final product. Take your time as an inventor and remember to test out your working models, the sooner the better, this way you can invest more time and energy in your concept. Don’t fret too much if your prototype isn’t the most sophisticated, keep in mind that the focus of a prototype is its function and engineering.

When it comes to building your prototype, the more that you can simplify your design, the easier it will be to produce in the future. Likewise, creating a 3D design can benefit inventors because it provides them with renditions that are as realistic as a photograph. At Idea Design Studio, our experienced design team can help you take your idea from concept to concrete design. We can provide you with computer-aided designs, realistic 3D renderings, and get your prototype process moving forward.

So how does the process work? To get started, you don’t even have to have a drawing of your idea. At Idea Design Studio, our design team can get you moving in the right direction just by listening to your description and looking at any existing materials to create an initial blueprint for your idea or concept. The finished product is a photorealistic 3D design that inventors can use to realize a physical prototype.

For help moving from idea to prototype, contact us today.