If you make the choice to work with Idea Design Studio for your next invention, one of the first things that will be created is a “pre-sketch”. A pre-sketch is the beginning step of the design of your new invention, and involves one of the Idea Design Studio designers creating a rough draft of your idea. This is where your idea starts to take shape, as you will instruct the Idea Design Studio artists on what you want in your invention. All details, big and small, can be added and drawn in this pre sketch.

How Pres-Sketch Works

The pre-sketch will give the graphic designers at Idea Design Studio the tools and the basic idea it needs to get started on designing your invention. The pre-sketch does not involve colors, as that will come if you instruct more during the invention process. You can provide your own pre-sketch, of course, and it will be taken into account during the creation process. Any part of the pre-sketch you find is wrong or do not like, just let the designer know, and it will be changed. The pre sketch requires one hundred percent approval before Idea Design Studio moves on to the next step of the invention process.

Hopefully this has given you a look at the pre-sketch portion of the creation process of an Idea Design Studio invention. A blueprint can not only give a good first look at what your invention will become, but can also be a great keepsake when you look back after your full invention is completed.