Filing for Copyright and Trademark Protections

If you are looking to create an invention through Idea Design Studio, copyright and trademark protections can be two vital tools to keep your invention as your property. While these work for two different types of inventions, they both are helpful for you to retain the rights to your ideas, in the case of infringement or imitation. Let us first take a look at copyright.

How Filing for Copyright and Trademark Protections Works

Submitting your copyright to the United States Copyright Office can be one of the first steps if you are creating “an original work of authorship”. This does not encompass every idea or invention, but those that involve writing. So if your idea involves writing that you do, from novels to computer code, to music, it can be protected by a copyright. Any notes that you take during your invention process can be filed for copyright, and it is suggested by Idea Design Studio that you take this route.

A trademark is a bit different, as you apply for it if you have a word, phrase, symbol, or design that you feel distinguishes your product and makes it unique. You cannot use the golden Marches as your logo, or the word Nike as your brand name because these are trademarked. If you are looking to create a business around your idea, instead of just selling your idea to a company, it is suggested that you file for trademarks. If you utilize Idea Design Studio to create a brand for you, you can trademark the logos and brand names that you feel are central to your invention or product.