Patent Solutions

Over the past decade, Idea Design Studio has helped numerous inventors with their ideas, and this includes patent solutions. We have all the patent tools to get your invention moving in the right direction. At Idea Design Studio, we can help inventors like you submit their ideas to the United States’ Patent and Trademark Office. We want to ensure that you retain full ownership of your work and your ideas, providing patent services that range from copyrights and trademarks, to full patents and patent searches.

How Patent Solutions Works

Getting your invention off the ground means that you will need to start with a thorough patent search. Any time an inventor comes to Idea Design Studio with an idea, we always start with patent research. Often, patent research involves going through the US Patent Office’s current database, and comparing your idea to already existing patents that are considered non-expired. This process involves the drafting and filing of patent applications, due diligence, looking at all your patent search and validity opinions.

Here at IDS, the reason behind conducting these patent searches is to assure that our inventor’s ideas will not infringe upon another inventor’s current work or patents. Meaning we want to make sure that there won’t be any obstacles that could stop our inventors from manufacturing or selling their ideas. Once the process is finished, we can move forward and protect our inventor’s ideas on multiple fronts.

In addition, these patent searches allow us to determine the validity of the patent in question. If there is a known history of court proceedings where patent holders of related ideas may have lost their case, we want to make sure that we can be clear in the patent process, and differentiate our inventor’s ideas so that their patent protection is guaranteed.

By taking the time to research your patenting thoroughly, Idea Design Studio will be making your ideas stronger, and providing more opportunities for the licensing of your invention.

Patent Solutions
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Patent Solutions
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Before you are ready to bring your new idea to market or to sell it, Idea Design Studio helps you protect your invention with Patent Solutions.