Marketing Material

Branding and marketing your BIG IDEA is highly important to your product’s success. We offer professional invention marketing and branding services to improve the presentation of your invention, giving it the credibility and marketability to be a success.

At Idea Design Studio, we offer professional marketing materials and branding services to ensure that the presentation of your invention goes off without a hitch. Idea Design Studio wants your ideas and your concepts to be a success, and we want to provide inventors with the tools to be as marketable and credible as possible.

Marketing materials can provide a multitude of benefits to inventors, and Idea Design Studio is here to help.

Marketing and branding materials can result increased brand recognition and awareness, help create consumer loyalty and credibility, while securing longstanding impressions with your current and prospective audience.

Idea Design Studio takes the hassle out of creating marketing content. Here at Idea Design Studio our design team will aid you and your concept or invention every step of the way. Not only can the design team at Idea Design Studio provide you with logo concepts, but we strive to go above and beyond for our inventors, meaning that we provide you with three to five rounds of logo revisions, to assure that your logo is everything you’ve dreamed of.

At Idea Design Studio, we want you to be involved in every step during the branding process. As the inventor, you are involved and included in every decision throughout the design cycle, ensuring that complete satisfaction is achieved. Likewise, all the improvements, drafts, and versions of the marketing and branding materials are the inventor’s property, and Idea Design Studio wants you to have one hundred percent control of your BIG IDEA.

Idea Design Studio wants to take your marketing materials to the next level, and this means multiple revisions, inventor involvement and catering to your specific needs. Inventor satisfaction is our primary goal here at Idea Design Studio. From professional marketing presentations to app badges to technical writing, the team at Idea Design Studio wants to help showcase your invention.

Marketing Material
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Marketing Material
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Idea Design Studio,
111 SW 3rd Street 4th Floor,Miami,Florida-33130,
Telephone No.888.864.1780
Idea Design Studio takes marketing materials to the next level, and this means multiple revisions, inventor involvement and catering to your specific needs

  • Logo

    Our designers provide three to five logo concepts with up to three rounds of revisions.

  • Multiple

    Improve your presentation and make adjustments to your marketing materials.

  • Client

    You are involved in the entire design process, thus ensuring complete satisfaction.

  • 100%

    All improvements are the inventor's property, you retain 100% control of your BIG IDEA

  • Marketing

    We can create professional marketing presentations from power point presentations to technical writing to help showcase your BIG IDEA.