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Branding & Logo Design Services

Most inventors usually know what route they want to take when marketing their idea before they even begin their project. Others are unsure at first but after some research, brainstorming and direction, they decide what works best for them.

Considering there are only a couple of options regarding this area, the inventor can either put together a marketable platform to entice licensing companies, or go into business for themselves. Either method can be rewarding and successful and Idea Design Studio can assist with both options.

Creating a logo, or brand for the idea or business, is essential for establishing a professional identity; thus, optimizing marketing and advertising endeavors.

A logo is a customized image or design representing a product or business identity, and can sometimes be integrated with text or various colors to really provide an ornamental look. Usually, logos are designed to embody the product or business in a simple yet catchy way. We are proud to see many of the logos created by our design team actually brought to life and being implemented onto real products by some of our clients who went into business for themselves.

If going into business for yourself is the desired route for selling your idea, just as it's been for several of our clients, then let Idea Design Studio help you develop a business platform with logo design, e-commerce website design and prototyping contacts. An e-commerce site is basically an online store that allows others to browse your available products and purchase them from the site.

Marketing is about getting your product in front of the right vendors and IDS can put you in contact with companies that specialize in new product marketing. We also have strategic partners that specialize in new product marketing and can assist you with the launching of your new product or get you paid for your idea.