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Idea Management System

Even after our team of designers has helped you complete all the design steps needed to make your invention come to life, it can still be a challenge to market your idea to investors.

After the design work has been completed, approved by you, and formatted into a professional marketable platform, there's one last step: activating your Idea Management System.

This system is a creative platform for our clients to present their idea's to potential investors. It includes everything we have worked on together, and it is developed with the inventor in mind. Once we are finished designing, we want to ensure that you have all the resources needed to market your idea to potential licensees, investors and manufactures.

Your system includes some of these features

The portfolio is maintained in an encrypted web page. The web page consists of unique and accommodating marketing tools that enable you to remain proactive when marketing your invention.

It's also constructed so you can create an encrypted hyperlink. This hyperlink will bring anyone who clicks on the link directly into the web page where they can review your project and you can even keep track of how often it is viewed.

This portfolio, specifically designed to make the transition to the marketplace easier, gives you control and accountability of your project. The marketing tools include a contact form so interested buyers can communicate easily and you stay 100% informed of all activity. This proprietary system provides everything you need to be successful.

Idea Design Studio wants you to be successful in making your invention an achievement you are proud of. With the tools included in your Idea Management System, you will have everything you need to market and sell your invention.