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Idea Animation

Animation for Inventors

In the second stage of developing your invention, amidst the marketing efforts to help your invention succeed, our team of designers will also be working on the idea animation. This animation is basically a moving demonstration of 3D designs and mimics a physical prototype in the computer.

Our Product Animation Services focus on:

  • State of the art 3D animation depicting your invention
  • Displaying key features and benefits of your invention
  • Motion graphics displaying your invention's emphasized movements
  • Award-winning creativity
  • Professional sound designs

After the video is finished, you'll be able to display it on your IDS web-based platform, television, the internet, and even make a DVD.

Utilizing our resources, professional and well-qualified designers and our project team members there's no reason your invention or idea can't be turned into a successful endeavor.

Here's a firsthand account from one of our clients:

After several weeks of searching the internet and [making] too many emails and phone calls to mention to find someone to help with my inventiontio, I found Idea Design Studio. I needed help to create a good marketable video and write up for my invention. All the previous contacts I had made either could not fulfill my requirements or the companies that could meet my requests were too expensive. After explaining my invention and sending some sample drawings to Idea Design Studio, their creative staff took control and produced a very professional video at a price that was well within my budget. For high quality professional help with any idea one might have I highly recommend Idea Design Studio. The follow up after completion shows the integrity of the staff at Idea Design Studio

- Jim B.

Let us design your idea or invention and turn it into something real
you can truly be proud to show to potential investors and consumers!