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Why Positive Thinking Is the Key to Invention Success

by on Category: blog

Galileo is credited with the saying, "Doubt is the father of invention." And while doubt certainly has its place in the creative development process, it shouldn't define an aspiring inventor's entire outlook on becoming an inventor. That special designation belongs to good old-fashioned positive thinking. 

What makes you think you can be a successful inventor? If that's the question you keep asking yourself, you need a major overhaul on your self-talk and your perspective.

What you should be asking is, ‘Why couldn't I be a successful inventor?’ Why not, indeed. You don't need a degree or special training to become an inventor. You don't need fancy connections or a ton of money. (For further proof, consider Thomas Edison, who became one of our most accomplished inventors with very little formal education.) All you need is to come up with a good idea and a whole lot of determination. 

This is how positive thinking factors into the invention process. As you work through the stages of bringing your idea to life, enduring rounds of testing and market research and everything that goes into getting your invention started, there will be plenty of opportunity for doubt and fear to hamper your commitment. Failure is a natural part of the inventor's life—a necessary ingredient in reaching final success.

But experiencing failure should not automatically mean you close up shop. Instead, you learn from your setbacks, reassess your situation, and maintain your positive outlook so you can prepare to try again. This is persistence, and it is a common trait shared by many of the most successful inventors in history. 

Science has documented the very real relationship between thought and action. So harness the power of your mind to help you succeed. If you are passionate about your idea and truly believe in your product, you will create your own opportunities.

At Idea Design Studio, our mission is to empower all of our inventors so they can feel supported and confident in their ability to make big things happen. This is not to say we remove reality from the equation—rather, we embrace what market studies, research, and testing tell us, because this information strengthens ideas and produces products that are primed for success.

And we constantly tell our inventors: You are going to have all the help you need, but ultimately, you are going to be the one who champions your idea from start to glorious finish. So start practicing your positive thinking now.

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