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Why a 3-D Model Can Sell an Idea

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When you make your idea come to life, you usually have a better chance of attracting investors, making deals with manufacturers and licensees, and driving customer interest. Drawings and descriptions are great, but a 3-D model of your invention is what truly gets people’s attention.

A 3-D model of your invention is one of the best ways to sell it. Here’s why.

What Is a 3-D Model?

A 3-D model is essentially a prototype of your idea or invention. It helps potential customers or investors understand the product and how it works. Just keep in mind (and remind those interested) that they are functional tools, not finished products.

3-D Models Demonstrate the Possibilities

Having a tangible object goes a long way with attracting investors, licensees, and manufacturers. It paints a much clearer picture of what invention actually is and can help interested parties visualize how it can be used, sold, and marketed.

A 3-D model also demonstrates that the product can be manufactured easily and in line with projected costs. This makes stakeholders confident in the product and your abilities.   

Models Help You Learn About Your Invention

If you’re an inventor, you likely have an image in your mind of what your product should look and feel like. A 3-D model demonstrates how practical that idea works in real life.

It provides the opportunity to test design features, functionality, shapes, sizes, and materials. It identifies where improvements are needed so that you can sort out any issues as early as possible before production begins.

When you have a 3-D model, you can get real feedback on the viability of your invention. Does it actually work? Do people like it? How can it be better? You’ll be able to answer these questions.

When You Really Need a 3-D Model

A 3-D model is an essential part of the development stages of your invention. It can help a patent agent understand the full product scope before completing a patent application. It can also strengthen the idea as intellectual property because it allows you to clearly see any workarounds or variations of the idea that could be produced.

Making a video of the model to send to interested parties and stakeholders is also extremely important. You can also use it for photo shoots and displays.

Some people just need to physically hold something to truly understand it. Giving possible investors and licensees that option will make them more interested in doing business with you.

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