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Taking an idea through the invention process and getting it into stores and on their shelves is an exciting time for an inventor. They get to see their new invention come to life and start bringing them some income. But how do you get your invention noticed?

Here at Idea Design Studio, we've helped countless inventors with this exact problem over the years. And, before we even start to talk about marketing strategies, we've found it's best to talk about your idea's niche. For example, we've found that specific types of items sell the best: jewelry, music and music-related products, and health/beauty aids.

This isn't to say that others won't sell, but sometimes you have to think a bit differently about the product to maximize your revenue. Want to see what other profitable ideas already have a built-in audience and are ready for you to develop a product for? Check out our article on Best-Selling Products on Yahoo Finance or contact us today.