Idea Design Studio Blog Tips – 6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Invention

Idea Design Studio Blog Tips – 6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Name for Your Invention 28

Idea Design Studio Blog Tips. Naming a business or idea is tough. It might be the most difficult part of the inventing process (after the actual invention part, of course).

A name is important because it establishes an initial perception for the business and impacts customers. Your invention will need a name before you can start marketing it. A good name should send the right message for your invention, so the first step is deciding what that message should be.

Idea Design Studio Blog Tips. There are really no right or wrong names or ways to go about choosing a name, but keep in mind that every name has unique implications. As you start to decide on a name for your invention, consider these tips:

  1. Avoid odd spellings.

These days, you should expect that people will look for you online. Using conventional spellings or spellings that are phonetically consistent makes searching for you much easier. Cute spellings or other variations could send customers to your competitors, who may learn how to reroute misspellings of your name to their websites.

  1. Choose something that’s easy to pronounce.

Just as you don’t want a name with a nontraditional spelling, you also should avoid choosing a name that’s difficult to pronounce. Two-syllable names are a good choice. Avoid using special characters, mixed-case names, and hyphens to ease pronunciation and spelling.

  1. Research international or cultural meanings.

Idea Design Studio Blog Tips. Conduct thorough research on any name that you are considering. Make sure that there are no inappropriate meanings associated with it. Also, make sure that the name doesn’t have a negative or obscene association in another culture or language.

One of the best ‘worst names’ was given to a car, the Chevy Nova. Once Chevy began to try and sell it in Latin America, they realized they had a problem. They weren’t getting any sales because ‘No va’ in Spanish means ‘Doesn’t go,’ which isn’t quite the impression you want your car to make.

  1. Make sure the name is available.

Solid research will also help you uncover any other products or brands with the same or similar names. You should always choose a name that’s truly unique to your invention or brand. When it comes time to incorporate your business, you will be required to choose an original name. Be sure to search all social media sites and do a Google search to make sure no one else is using the name. You’ll also want to snag the appropriate domain name for your future website.

  1. Make it meaningful to your brand.

When you name your invention, make sure that it relates to the invention’s purpose or use in a meaningful way. Often, trivial names or acronyms take away from the main purpose. Keep in mind that trends change, so avoid choosing a name that’s too trendy. Instead, focus on what’s significant and memorable.

  1. Don’t limit yourself.

It’s often difficult to predict where your business may end up in the future. It could shift or completely change over time. Keep this in mind as you choose a name so that you don’t limit yourself down the road. It’s a good idea to avoid any geographical references or product details in the name. You don’t want to hassle with renaming down the road.

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