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5 Tips for Refining Your Elevator Pitch

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A clear, concise elevator pitch is essential for every entrepreneur. It briefly introduces your idea or invention to a potential stakeholder, ideally in 60 seconds or less, with the hope that it will trigger a deeper discussion.

All idea-makers need a good elevator pitch. It will come in handy at networking events or conferences, and like everything else, practice makes perfect.

Here are five tips for refining your elevator pitch so that it leaves a lasting impression:

Make People Care

Every elevator pitch should begin by addressing a problem and why your idea is the best solution to that problem. Be sure to also introduce yourself and what benefits your product or idea can offer. Essentially, answer the question, “So, what?”

Include a Call to Action

What is the purpose of the elevator pitch? Are you looking for an investor or new customer? Make your goals and desired outcome clear, and be specific. For example, if you’re trying to raise money, state how much.

Also, always know your audience, so that you are sharing the appropriate information that will help you reach your goals.

Keep It Simple and Genuine

In delivering your elevator pitch, don’t forget to show your passion for your idea and avoid sounding like you’ve memorized a script. Your sincerity will definitely make people take notice.

Elevator pitches are short, so make every second count. Use clear and direct language, and save the detail for later.

Practice and Get Feedback

The trick to delivering a sincere, but knowledgeable, elevator pitch is to practice — a lot. Take every opportunity to give your elevator pitch so that each time you get better.

Another way to refine your pitch is to ask for feedback each time you deliver it. Of course, use family and friends as a test audience, but also seek out business leaders or mentors in your industry, who may provide more constructive feedback.

Leave People Wanting More

At the end of your elevator pitch, members of your audience should be lining up to set up additional meetings with you. That’s the goal, anyway, so always leave people wanting more.

Details can be discussed later. During the pitch, position yourself as an expert in your industry with an idea that the audience can’t live without. 

The perfect pitch takes some refining. And, remember that you only have 60 seconds or less to make a big impression.

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