The Pocket Lift

The Pocket Lift website screenshotThe Pocket Lift will allow a single individual to do many tasks that normally require two or more people to complete. While designed initially to help hunters and outdoors men lift their hunting equipment, like rifles, shotguns, ammunitions and other gear, up off the ground and into tree stands, it will be used for many other tasks when a person lacks assistance from others. It is small and compact, so it can always be handy when needed. It is powered by a rechargeable battery, but has a storage place for a crank, which can be used if the battery dies. There is a weatherproof, waterproof port for connecting a recharger for the battery. It has a tough plastic case, designed to withstand heavy outdoor use. It can lift up to forty-five pounds, with a kill switch which will shut the motor off if a person attempts to lift more weight. It can be turned on and off using the switch on the machine or via a remote controller.