SSHot Spot

SSHot Spot website screenshotSSHot Spot is designed to provide heat for places on persons body, which are particularly vulnerable to getting cold when the person is outdoors during freezing weather. These thin heating pads can be secured to the inside of an existing article of clothing with an adhesive backing. They will be available in specialized shapes to fit flat against ones bottom, to fit across ones back and wrapping round the ribcage towards the front of ones body, and to fit into the tops of a person’s legs, front and back. Jackets, bottoms and one-piece suits will be designed with strategically-placed pockets for inserting these heating units. There would be two pockets on the front covering the chest, one pocket in the front of each upper leg and one on the back of each upper leg, as well as one across the bottom, so a heating unit can be inserted to keep the bottom warm when a person is seated.