Nail Polish Corrector

Nail Polish Corrector website screenshotNail Polish Corrector fall into three categories, all with fine tips to make it easier to be precise when removing excess nail polish from the skin and cuticles around the nails. There are two styles of disposable corrector sticks. The dry sticks are designed to be dipped into a bottle of polish remover, returning frequently or for one-time use to keep the tip moist enough to remove the unwanted polish. An alternative disposable sticks would be pre-moistened and available in a sealed package which keeps the tips moist until they are used. Both of these are designed to be used one time and then discarded. Corrective sticks are designed to be used with bottled nail polish remover. One version attaches to the underside of the cap on a bottle of nail polish, and the other is designed to be dipped into the bottle.