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Getting Grants for Inventions: How to Do It

Inventors who may be lacking the funds to develop their inventions are always curious about grants for inventions. Who grants these grants for inventions and how can an inventor secure one for his own? There are actually simple steps involved to getting grants for invention. To all those inventors who have been asking about how to get grants for inventions, this is for you! Idea Design Studio have listed down different ways that inventors can secure grants for inventions that they’ve thought up.

1. If you are after government grants for inventions, it would be wise to visit This is a government website that contains information about federal government grants for inventions. In this site, inventors can check what grants are available at the moment, as well as the instructions that they have to follow in case they want to apply for these grants.

2. Another smart way to learn of grants for invention is to join a local inventors club. Joining an inventors club allows the inventor to meet other inventors and grow his network. Through this, he may be able to learn of opportunities for grants for inventions. Besides this, there are some inventors clubs such as the Inventors Alliance that give out grants to faculty members or students. If an inventor is either a college faculty member or a student, then he is automatically eligible to apply for these grants for inventions.

3. When applying for a grant, it is of utmost importance that an inventor creates a prototype of his invention. He may also choose to submit professional plans with his application. This will come in handy when the grant committee chooses to interview the inventor. If you have visuals to show the panel who is deciding on grants for inventions, then you will have a more convincing case for the deciding body to grant you the grant. This is where Idea Design Studio can help. We are a company that specializes in creating professional plants for inventions, among other things. We’ve helped out many other inventors before, who were also applying for grants for inventions, by collaborating with them and coming up with 2D, 3D illustrations and renderings. Other inventors have requested for animation for their virtual prototypes, and we have been able to provide them that too. Do remember that the more professional your plans are, and the more you are able to demonstrate what they can exactly do, the better your chances of going home with your own grant for inventions.

4. As you are developing your prototype, do not forget to write a very detailed business plan. You should submit this business plan alongside your prototype. The group that will decide on grants for inventions will also be looking at our ability to commercialize and market your invention. They also want to know if you are committed to it. Showing them this business plan will convey your commitment to the project.

If you follow through with these tips, you should be able to find and apply for grants for inventions in no time at all. Do remember that if you need extra help in the development of your professional invention plants, Idea Design Studio is only a phone call or email away. Get in touch with us and schedule a confidential meeting, so that we may discuss what we can possibly do to help you get grants for inventions.