"Handy Scrubby"

Invented By:  Tamara Morgan
Patent Pending
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Inventor Profile

Tamara Morgan lives in the continental United States and has come up with an invention to assist with cleaning. The inspiration for this invention came from the inventor and her experience.

The inventor feels that this invention is a simple and wonderful idea for cleaning and cleaning projects. This idea could be used for personal use or commercial use.

The invention and inventor used their practical knowledge and understanding of the product and process to solve a very common issue among those who clean on a regular basis. The invention required practical materials and combined them in unique ways to improve a common process. The inventor used their knowledge of the situation and applied a unique answer to a universal process.

This invention may be utilized domestically in the inventor's home nation of the United States and North America. This invention and the inventor's knowledge of the process may also be applied in other areas of the world including but not limited to: Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America and other regions of the world that have a large portion of their population that have cleaning needs.

What is the concept?

The inventor has come up with a name for their product. This title or name is "Handy Scruber", "Handy Scrubber" or similar names can be sued. The inventor has come up with this title for the invention and desires final editing thought to any name changes, variations or updates to the title.

The inventor feels this invention will allow for a quicker and more efficient cleaning experience. The invention is a scrubby that is connected or attached to a spray bottle. The various spray bottles that this invention could be used with is not limited. Any current spray bottles, cleaning bottles or similar bottles could utilize this invention.

The inventor has thought of the process and components of this invention that lead in technology and efficiency for the end-user. The inventor believes this product is well designed with the enabling capabilities of performing a variety of cleaning functions.

Consideration for multiple sizes and multiple fits for various circumstances and/or environments would be essential. You could have a standard size device along with alternate sizes. This alternate size would be in the form of length and width depending on the environment that is relevant. You could have varying sizes for the varying users in the market.

How does it work?

This idea is a detachable handy scrubber for various spray bottles. The scrubber or cleaning pad for this invention is built into a spray bottle. This could be for various cleaning tasks and including but not limited to: All-purpose cleaners, window cleaners, bathroom cleaners, kitchen spray cleaning bottles, garden cleaner bottles and other similar cleaning or spray bottles on the market. This idea could grow as new cleaners or spray bottle reach the market.

This invention functions in similar fashion as it is built. It is designed for functionality with specific or desired activities while spraying or cleaning.

This invention works with the common functions and processes of all cleaning tasks. This product assists the end-user with all known and future processes of the cleaning cycle.

Some commercial businesses as well as the average recreational users may be able to utilize this invention. The business opportunities consist of but are not limited to: home improvement, cleaning supply stores, specialty stores, kitchen or bathroom stores, service stores, online portals, grocery stores and other similar stores or portals.

Materials for construction

The inventor has a desired specification for this product and has a base dimension in mind for the idea. These are suggested dimensions and the inventor is open to discussion concerning standard dimensions and alternate size dimensions as the product matures. The inventor has an understanding for dimensions for this product. The inventor feels that the dimensions could be larger or smaller depending on the need.

The inventor has suggested materials for construction. Some ideas consist of but are not limited to: common materials found in spray bottle or cleaning devices, sponge, soft absorbent plastics, plastic and similar materials. These materials can be enhanced or downsized depending on natural maturation of the product and process.

Current technology such as polycoating or polycation could be utilized by this invention to allow for extending use and continue environments that consist of heat, air, water and other particles that cause deterioration. There could be basic models for light use and varying models that use alternate components for heavy use purchasers.

What problem does it solve?

The inventor notes that this invention is efficient and allows for faster cleaning. The invention works with current processes already established in the cleaning cycle. The inventor feels that the appearance and texture of the product offers subsequent benefits of this product. These benefits include but are not limited to: a comfortable feel for the end-user, efficient cleaning processes and an enjoyable experience while cleaning. This invention also allows for easier storage and keeps the event of losing or misplacing various items at a minimum.

The inventor reiterates that the primary benefit of this invention is for cleaning purposes, coupled with the offering of an enhancement for cleaning and efficiency for cleaning. The inventor also feels strongly that this invention will be able to morph and/or grow over time as other cleaning products get introduced on the market.
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