"Sleep Bright"

Invented By:  Mr. Javon Davis
Patent Pending
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 attn: Jake Way
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Miami, FL 33145

Inventor Profile

Javon Davis lives in the continental United States and thought of an idea for bed sheets.
The specifics of this idea would be to allow drawing or writing on them with the user's fingers.

The invention and inventor used their practical knowledge and understanding of the product and process to allow for creating designs on sheets. The invention required practical materials and combined them in unique ways to improve a common process. The inventor used their knowledge of the situation and applied a unique answer to a universal process.

This invention may be utilized domestically in the inventor's home nation of the United States and North America. This invention and the inventor's knowledge of the process may also be applied in other areas of the world including but not limited to: Europe, Asia, Australia/New Zealand, Africa, South America and other regions of the world that have home improvement supply stores, bedroom accessory markets or arts and crafts needs.

What is the concept?

This idea is for bed sheets that you can write on. The inventor envisions multiple colors and designs. Some main colors and designs mentioned by the inventor include but are not limited to: 1) White sheet with light blue clouds and when you scratch your finger on the sheet you write on it and the color of the lines is light blue also. 2.) Black sheets with florescent purple objects (Clouds, Cows or other items) and purple writing. 3.) Green sheets w/ pink writing.

The writing and/or drawing objects will glow in the dark at night. This invention allows for the user to write on these sheets with their fingers.

The inventor has not finalized or closed out the name for this invention and may be open to discussion of names for this product. The inventor desires final editing thought to the official name.

Consideration for multiple sizes and multiple fits for various beds and bed sets would be essential. You could have a standard size with alternate sizes. This alternate size would be in the form of length and width depending on the bedding required.

How does it work?

The inventor envisions that this idea works like regular bed sheets. All the major functions that are inherent with traditional bed sheets would be present with this concept. The added benefits would be those stated earlier.

Materials for construction

This invention would have the same basic materials found in all traditional and current bedding or bed sheets. Other alternative materials mentioned by the inventor include but are not limited to: silicone type material, non-stick variety materials used with non-stick or cooking pans, foam or similar type materials for the drawing surface area on the sheets.

Coating could be applied for cleaning purposes. Considering the application of the invention and the environment of application, cleaning for constant reuse would be a major consideration for construction. The right ingredient of a coat or stain would allow for extended life and reduce factors such as decomposition, water residue and staining.

Current technology such as polycoating or polycation could be utilized by this invention to allow for extending use and continue environments that consist of heat, air, water and other particles that cause deterioration. There could be basic models for light use and varying models that use alternate components for heavy use purchasers.

What problem does it solve?

This invention will hopefully improve quality of life; help with designing or creative minds and possibly create a more relevant bed sheet.

Not only does this invention solve issues for the common user, but it also serves subsequent issues with bedding manufacturers or bed sheet producers.
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