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Are Government Invention Grants A Realistic Way To Fund An Invention?

We’ll be honest- the race to get government invention grants can be tough. With so many inventors desperate for funding, it can prove to be quite a challenge for one single inventor to stand out. And the truth is, if you really want that government invention grant, you have to stand out quite a bit, not only with your invention, but with your presentation too. Many people come up to ask and ask about our opinion on government invention grants. Are they really a realistic way to fund an invention? Read on to find out what we think!

Government invention grants have been proven to be a godsend to many inventors who need the funding desperately. However, getting approved for one may be more difficult than one may think. Because there are limited government grants available, and so many inventors vying for them, the competition is naturally stiff. You may want to hold off on applying for one if your invention is “too commercial”. What do we mean by too commercial? A product that can be considered too commercial is something that doesn’t really fit in with society’s needs, but is more geared toward their wants. You see, government grants are usually given to products that have a positive impact on society. There is much focus on agriculture, ranching, and even social welfare. If you don’t think your invention fits into these categories, you may have to work harder, or tweak your invention so that it can qualify for a government invention grant.

When getting a government grant, it is also not enough to have a great idea or a great concept. Your presentation, as well as research and documentation for your idea have to be equally awesome too. This is because the recipient of the government grant is not decided by one person only. More often than not, a group decides on who is most deserving to be awarded the grant. This is why inventors vying for these grants need to work extra hard, as they have to impress more people. More people also mean more eyes to look over research and documentation, so it is always best to be on one’s A-game all the time.

We’re not actually discouraging inventors from pursuing government grants, but we only want to prepare them for the reality of such an endeavor. If you are an inventor who is looking into a government grant to fund your invention, our advice to you is to make sure that your work meets the standard and criteria that these grants are usually looking for. If you can pull that off, then your chances of being awarded a government invention grant will increase tenfold.

Once you do get your desired funding, one of the things that the grant body will want you to do is to spend the money wisely. While there are many ways to do so, we want to add that consulting with an invention development company is a great way to see the possibilities of an invention.

When you work with an invention development company like Idea Design Studio, you have access to different kinds of materials that will make tasks like presentations and prototype creation so much easier. If you’re not quite sure what we mean by this, you are always welcome to contact our hotline number to get clarifications and ask questions of your own. In fact, you can even schedule a meeting with us, just so you see what it’s like. Our hotline number is always open, and we are waiting for your call!