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Amazing Inventions and Inventors

There are so many things that we enjoy today that we owe to great inventors. These amazing inventions and inventors have totally changed the world that we live in, shaping it in a way that makes our daily tasks easier to accomplish, and certain things more convenient to do. In this post, we would like to honor a few spectacular inventions and inventors, especially those that we use everyday, but do not even realize it!

1. Elastic- The first invention and inventor that we though to highlight is elastic. Invented by Thomas Hancock in the year 1820, elastic was sort of an extension to rubber, which Thomas Hancock also invented. In 1820, Hancock came up with the idea of coming up with elastic fasteners that he then on used for suspenders, gloves, stockings and shoes. When before, buttons were about the only option to fasten things, this invention and inventor gave the public extra options. Today, we still use elastic, among other materials for fastening and closing many of our clothing items, thanks to these inventions and inventors.

2. Email- These days, who doesn’t use email and have an email address? A majority of us use email to communicate, whether it be for work, or amongst friends and family. We actually have computer engineer Ray Tomlinson to thank for this invention. He came up with the idea in 1971, after the Internet was also recently invented, and became available for him to use. He started out with the idea of being able to send simple messages across the Internet network. Besides the concept of email, it was also Ray Tomlinson who came up with the @ symbol, and decided that it would be used to determine which user was currently sending the message.

3. Flight- One of the most amazing inventions and inventors that we have today is flight. When before, flight was only limited to birds and insects, this invention and inventors have made it possible for humans. The concept of flight for humans was actually brought to us by brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright, also known as the Wright Brothers. In December of 1903, the brothers successfully launched an experiment, in which a flying machine, more or less what we know now as airplanes, carried a man and rose to the air using its own power. The invention flew at even speed, flew naturally, and managed to get down on the ground without any damage. Imagine if we didn’t have flight or planes today, how hard traveling would be. Seriously, these inventions and inventors have really influenced the things that we do, and even that places that we go to and visit.

The world that we live in today would be pretty bleak if we were to go without these inventions and inventors. We actually owe a lot of what we enjoy to the brilliant inventors who manage to solve problems that we didn’t even know that we had.

If you know of inventions and inventors that can change the world, but are hesitant to develop their inventions, encourage them to take a look at our website, Idea Design Studio. You can even go an extra step and encourage the inventor to sit down with a meeting with us. If confidentiality is what the inventor is worried about, this aspect is not a problem at all, as Idea Design Studio will set up a confidential meeting with the interested inventor. Perhaps by working together, Idea Design Studio and the inventor can come up with brilliant ways to take the invention further.